Бягане Голям Сечко'19

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Популярни статии

Join us at "Golyam Sechko Run '19" January 13, 2019, start at 11:00am With Golyam Sechko Run we are putting an active start to the new year. This is the first event of the Trail Series calendar for the year. January is known in folk mythology as Goliam Sechko. Traditionally, Golyam Sechko promises low temperatures, snow and beautiful trails. The cold is always easier to fight in a nice company - with friends and colleagues. DISTANCES: 1km (for children), 6.5km, 9.5km and 16km WHERE: This is a little known route in our well-known town of Buhovo - on the southern slope of Stara Planina which is filled with many picturesque sites. TRACK: forest roads and hiking trails Awards: The material prizes for this competition are provided by the SLS stores and studio Body Soul Spirit and will be distributed on a lottery basis. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/554588798339178/

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  • Събота Closed
  • Неделя Closed


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